Under Deck Clamp

Size: 1" wide x 18" long x 4.7mm thick

Under-deck clamps are recommended to provide a secure, long-lasting installation of the roof drain on all but poured-in-place installations. Roof drains must be firmly secured to the roof with an under-deck clamp, otherwise, due to snow loads, rain loads and regular expansion and contraction, the drain will work in and out of the roofing, causing roofing membranes to flex and fail.

  • Constructed of premium heavy gauge aluminum
  • Designed for either 3", 4" or 6" New Construction drains
  • Tested to withstand over 300 lb. pull test
  • Complete with set of 2 Allen key bolts and nuts
  • Strong, easy to install and fits all Platinum drains and most others
Under Deck Clamp image Under Deck Clamp drawing