Flow Control

Fits all styles and sizes of Platinum Copper and Aluminum drains.

  • Platinum Flow Controls are used to control roof water drainage, if necessary, when storm water flow rates are restricted by municipal regulation
  • Platinum Flow Controls are made of .07" heavy duty spun aluminum
  • Drainage flutes are located on both sides and a 4" diameter top opening when head of water exceeds 4.41" flow control height
  • Side drainage flutes designed to restrict water flow and comply to municipal regulations
  • Simple and easy to install

Platinum Flow Control drain insert will perform as a drain restrictor with the following performance: Fits all sizes of Platinum copper and aluminum drains (not economy drains)
Under a 4-in. head of water. . . . . . 40 GPM
Under a 3-in. head of water. . . . . . 30 GPM
Under a 2-in. head of water. . . . . . 20 GPM
Under a 1-in. head of water. . . . . . 10 GPM

Flow Control image